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Diabetic Care Juice


Organic Sunrise Natural DIABETIC CARE Juice is unique combination of Nutritional Rich & Rare Fruits and Herbs Viz Aloevera, Amla, Kala Jamun, Karela, Harede, Behera and Gurmar. The combined effect of this formula helps to control / balance blood sugar levels, effectively without any adverse side effects. Aloevera is known to stimulate insulin secretion and has blood sugar reducing properties. Karela, Jamun & Gurmar known as destroyer of sugar.


Indian blackberry / jamun / syzgiym cumini, bitterguard / mormordica charanita, indian goose berry / embica officinalis, gymnema / gurmar / sugar eater, teminalia chebula, terminalia belrica, aswagandha and aloevera barbedensis. No added sugar, contains vitamins & minerals.

100% Organic Certified

Weight: 500 Ml



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