About us “Udhaiyam”

Udhaiyam means to rise and strive to be diligent. At Udhaiyam we desire to bring a new rise in our daily food habits and a hope in lifestyle.

We, your Udhaiyam team, believe that simple traditional organic food can create a magic in our life, like the magic which lies in the pure rising “Udhaiyam” sun rays.

“Deepo Bhakshayte Dwanth” in Sanskrit means “We are what we eat”. Food directly impacts our body and hormones.

At “Udhaiyam”, we are committed to deliver you the excellent quality organic food which is good for your health and feast for your taste buds too.

The purity of food follows the purification of our inner body immune system. Consuming organic and natural food will boost our immunity and ensures disease free healthy long life.

To experience the best traditional food, we welcome you to step through the door of our store. We always present you the natural, chemical free and preservative free food products.

Our Mission

To deliver the best organic and naturally grown farm food products to our customers with reasonable cost.

Our Vision

Our immense desire is that our customers follow to consume “Udhaiyam” products and be healthy always. “Udhaiyam” aims to reach maximum number of customers to be habitual to organic fresh food products, which will result to healthful life.

“Udhaiyam” dreams to make people healthy.